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  • Gold speaks

    Gold speaks

    GOLD | By: Admin | Last Updated: September, 08, 2020

    GOLD is true friend of mankind. From 2000 years gold keeps it Top position in world Economy. Gold is glossy, easy to melt, mould into bars or jewelry. It is corrosion free, rust free. But why is gold so valuable? Why is silver is in second place? why...

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  • Gold ornaments

    Gold ornaments

    Mangalraj Jewellers | By: Admin | Last Updated: September, 05, 2020

    Gold Is True Friend Of Mankind. From 2000 Years Gold Keeps It Top Position In World Economy. Gold Is Glossy, Easy To Melt, Mould Into Bars Or Jewelry. It Is Corrosion Free, Rust Free. But Why Is Gold So Valuable? Why Is Silver Is In Second Place? Why...

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