Mangalraj Jewellers Blog Latest Products Mon, 16 May 2022 15:09:10 +0530 en-us Gold ornaments Sat, 05 Sep 2020 16:56:18 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">Gold Is True Friend Of Mankind. From 2000 Years Gold Keeps It Top Position In World Economy. Gold Is Glossy, Easy To Melt, Mould Into Bars Or Jewelry. It Is Corrosion Free, Rust Free. But Why Is Gold So Valuable? Why Is Silver Is In Second Place? Why The Value Of Currency Is Based On Gold Only? It Is Very Rare In Universe .its Digging And Refining Is Very Much Expensive Day By Day. It Is Useful In Industries, Medicines And Much More Than That.<br /><br />Purity Speaks<br />Gold Can Be Tested Easily By Some Test, Water Test,  Acid Test, Magnet Test ,kasoti Test, Purity Tester. Gold Comes In 24kt,22kt,18kt,14kt,10 Kt. Percentage Of Purity In It Are 99.5%,91.6%,75.0%,58.33%,41.6% Accordingly. In India There Are Different Standards For Gold Ornaments.23 Kdm,23 C Kdm,22 Kt,18 Kt.<br /><br />Types Of Gold Ornaments.<br />Maang Tikka<br />Hair Pins<br />Ear Chains<br />Hair Chains<br />Earrings<br />Tops Or Kudi<br />Nose Pin<br />Nath<br />Necklace<br />Chockers<br />Mala<br />Mangalsutra<br />Chains<br />Pendants<br />Bajuband<br />Rings<br />Nail Rings<br />Bangals<br />Gulabtoda<br />Kada<br />Couple Rings<br />Kamar Patta<br />Payal<br />Jodwa<br />Earrings<br />Necklace<br /><br />There Are Much More Than That, If You Are Interested Whatsapp Us On Our Official Number, We Can Give More Details.</p> Gold speaks Tue, 08 Sep 2020 18:21:29 +0530 <div>GOLD is true friend of mankind. From 2000 years</div> <div>gold keeps it Top position in world Economy. Gold is</div> <div>glossy, easy to melt, mould into bars or jewelry. It is</div> <div>corrosion free, rust free. But why is gold so valuable? Why</div> <div>is silver is in second place? why the value of currency is</div> <div>based on Gold only? It is very rare in universe .Its digging</div> <div>and refining is very much expensive day by day. It is useful</div> <div>in industries, Medicines and much more than that.</div> <div>PURITY SPEAKS</div> <div>GOLD can be tested easily by some test, water test, acid</div> <div>test, magnet test ,kasoti test, Purity tester. Gold comes in</div> <div>24kt,22kt,18kt,14kt,10 kt. percentage of purity in it are</div> <div>99.5%,91.6%,75.0%,58.33%,41.6% accordingly. In India</div> <div>there are different standards for gold ornaments.23 kdm,23c,22k,etc.</div>